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Manzella Precision, LLC was founded in 2017 by Mike and Amy Manzella in order to create high quality custom firearm and machining products for hunters, law enforcement agencies, competition shooters, and citizens outfitting their personal protection firearms with upgrades. Manzella Precision is a small, home-run business located in Roundup, MT that values quality workmanship and customer experience. Local customers can even experience Manzella Precision products on the property's shooting range! Mike and Amy are hard-working, down-to-earth people who will fulfill your custom firearm needs.


Experienced Craftsmanship

With over 9 years of experience, Mike has proven his natural talent, passion and ambition in becoming the best machining craftsman he can be. Mike was immediately noted in his training as a high potential student and has since proven himself a success in his career as an entrepreneur in the industry


Veteran-Owned Small Business

Amy brings her leadership qualities and experience from the military to help grow their small business into a successful venture. Not only will you receive high quality custom work from Manzella Precision, but you can also support a local veteran and small business. 


Mike has over 9 years of experience in the firearms industry. He graduated from Erie Community College's CNC Precision Machining Program in 2014 and quickly launched his career with his talent for machine work.  Mike's grandfather, Michael Patrick Manzella, was also a machinist. While Mike originally started his professional career in medicine as a Physicians Assistant, his true calling was machining and following in his grandfather’s footsteps.  

Amy is a 20-year Veteran in the Army Reserves. She served the last 7 years of her time as an Ammunition Technician Chief Warrant Officer 2. She brings to the table over 2 decades of management and customer service experience. Amy manages all of the billing and bookkeeping for Manzella Precision, LLC. 



Mike began what would later become Manzella Precision, LLC by spending his weekends making parts in a shop that he also worked at full-time. Ever since starting machining, he has been making and selling parts. He used the profit from this to acquire better tooling and machines so he could improve the production time and quality of the parts in any way possible. Over the years, he has accumulated many more machine tools and honed his skills to craft high quality products. Today, the Manzella Precision shop is better than ever, now established in Roundup, Montana. Mike and Amy are quickly expanding the business to customers across the U.S. and on an international scale.

Mike's experience spans his entire career; he has worked in the firearms industry since graduating machining school in 2014. He then worked for Accuracy International right out of school. While at Accuracy International, Mike worked along side a great Applications Engineer for Kennametal, which led his drawings to be used in developing new tooling. His drawings and ideas were able to knock minutes off of rifle barrel chambering process. He also developed Accuracy International's CNC chambering programs that they still use to this day. During this time, Mike was responsible for chambering all the barrels for the U.S. market and the sponsored shooting team. He also built custom gaging to accurately measure headspace on the barrels for their rifles. After he left Accuracy International, he moved to South Dakota in order to work at TS Customs, a custom rifle building shop. 

Mike and Amy later moved to Montana and officially founded Manzella Precision, LLC in 2017. This was a long-standing dream for Mike, so bringing it to fruition has been a great accomplishment.

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