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High quality accurate firearms custom built for your individual needs

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Manzella Precision, LLC.

Mike and Amy founded Manzella Precision to follow a long-standing dream of opening their own machinery shop. They pride themselves on servicing their customers with high quality firearm products. Mike specializes in custom machine work and upgrades for hunters, law enforcement agencies, competitive shooters, and citizens with personal protection firearms. 



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  • Custom Bolt Action Rifles

  • Custom Machining Solutions

  • Contract Machine Work

  • 07 FFL

  • Upgraded Forster Co-Ax Jaw Holder

  • Reloading Blocks

  • Chambering

  • Thread Work

  • Glock Work (Slides, RMR)

  • Tubbs Lugs

  • Remington Recoil Lugs

  • Cerakote services

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"My Favorite Student"

Mike Manzella, owner of Manzella Precision, was a student of mine toward the end of my career. I taught machine shop for almost forty years and have had thousands of students over that time. After a few weeks in class, I could see this young man was special. In all the years of teaching and having the pleasure of meeting so many students, I could see this guy was different. He was hungry to learn, he truly had a passion for precision machining. Mike was a student that did not accept work as good enough, everything had to be perfect. In all my years of teaching, I had not experienced an individual like him.  He was such a pleasure to have in class and watch him grow & progress. I observed his success in other classes, and he was truly impressive. Mike graduated and went on to work in the machining field. At first, he specialized in machining barrels for precision competition shooters. He eventually revolutionized the methods that company used in their manufacturing processes. Later, he worked for a gunsmith as a complete rifle builder and barrel specialist.  

He approached me one day knowing I enjoyed hunting & shooting to ask if he could build me a rifle.  Of course I was excited and said yes, so he did. I remember him asking me what I would like.  I told him it would be cool to have something that would shoot one hole at a hundred yards. Mike said that would be easy and the rest is history. That gun not only shoots one hole at a hundred, but half inch groups at three hundred.  Mike was an awesome student and truly passionate about his work.  Anyone looking to build a custom precision rifle, would be wise to select Mike Manzella of Manzella, LLC to do it.

Paul Goodrich, (Instructor)

Erie Community College

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